Monday, June 03, 2002

Sagarrak eta Melokotoiak (Apples and Peaches)

There was spare space in my High School magazine second issue so they asked me if I could draw another comic. This strip is supposed to come after the comic Kakalardokeriak I first draw. The guy here is Joxeina Imaz, our mathematic teacher and tutor this last two years in Txantxiku Ikastola. Joxeina is kind of a person that doesn't enjoy weird stuff and cares a bit of us for being a little disoriented. This year for example we have been watching Fight Club at schools ethic class, but first this class was only once a week, second it was only 50 minutes long and third we had to discuss many things before starting to watch the movie so we ended up watching it in five parts or so. I remenbered Joxeina with his saddest face telling us: "This film has no head no feet" (pelikula honek ez dik ez buru ez hanka).
This strip is a recopilation of classics phrases like this that usually says to us wile he is teaching some maths on the board. He is such a funny guy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did drawing and writting it. Or maybe you have to know him to fully enjoy it. Anyway. Here it is.

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