Friday, December 12, 2008

9EUKT Logo

I just designed a logo for a contest my brother sent me some days ago. It's for 9th College Sport Championship in Euskadi. I tried to remake the classic Olympic rings with the championsip acronym.

Friday, December 05, 2008

DVD - Projects jury

There are different units in projects class and ususally when you are in a unit you don't really know what's going on in the others. This year they have decided that once every semester there are going to be some kind of projects jurys in which all the units will present a selection of their best worksand will receive feedback from the others. 
We have been recording those sessions that took place on november 17, 18 and 19. It is available now on ETSAM library with the deposit numbers [V-945], [V-946] and [V-947] each pack refers to one day and contains two disc, one from the morning session and the other from the afternoon session.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DVD - Picado-De Blas ¿Redondo?

We have just finished another AAGRAFA release. A 93 minutes long conference by Architects Picado-De Blas: ¿Redondo? (Round?). Available now on ETSAM library with the deposit number [V-958]

Friday, October 24, 2008

Javier Seguí Super Size

Some in a while we record this kind of rarities in AAGRAFA. As Atxu Amann is my friend I have taken over the recording of this action that everyone in DAI1, first year architecture students, have been preparing for many weeks. The thing is that Javier Seguí Professor in the Ideation Department is retiring soon, and they have decided to pay tribute by taking one of the small drawings he usually does in his notebooks and translate it in to a huge matrix  of  8 per 8 DIN-A0. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eco-Funny Workshop

Yesterday I went to Matadero in Madrid and a friend of  mine, Pablo Muñoz, was there making a workshop with Jose Luis Vallejo and Ecosistema Urbano. They were recording people on the streets and making videos. I came up with an idea and this is the result. The pictures that appear overlapped are the first result that gives Google when you introduce the words that the woman says. I guess the video would be different if it was done in someone else's computer or one month later, who knows how Google algorithms work! Anyway, The Music is courtesy of Ilde Classics a label owned by Ildefonso Fernadez the father creator of AAGRAFA

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Right Stuff - 25th anniversary

On October 21, 1983 just 25 years ago, one of the greatest movies of all time was released in North America. Directed by Philip Kaufman and with music by Bill Conti this epic film narrates the space race that took place on the 60's  between the URSS and the USA. A complete must see timeless piece of art.

Check out the 2 DVD Special Edition in Amazon US / ES / JP

Friday, October 17, 2008

Introducing Chestnut Edition

Today we are introducing CHESTNUT EDITION. A label that marks all those DVDs that we are no so proud of, but we can't do anything about it.

Our tasks in AAGRAFA-VIDEO Dept. are to record conferences and classes and to deliver them on DVD so that people can access them in the ETSAM Library. We always try to do our best, starting from recording the best image possible, using multiple cameras and having two different audio tracks per camera, so that we have the best material to produce a high quality DVD burned at no more than 4X*. But there are days that things just go wrong. And even if  we try to fix it up in post-production so that seems that nothing happened, sometimes the final product leaves much to be desired.

The person that takes this DVD home is our biggest worry in AAGRAFA. And thinking on how disappointing for someone would be to take the last Toyo Ito's office conference, introducing on the DVD player, laying in the sofa and just realizing that it is only in Japanese, not even subtitled. We thought that something should be done to warn the viewer. That is why we created the CHESTNUT EDITION.

We hope not to have many CHESTNUT EDITION DVDs. But if so happens. That's the label that will tell you that something went wrong and that the product you are just to view has not the High Quality that AAGRAFA usually offers. We are so sorry in that case, enjoy it as much as possible.

AAGRAFA "pixel matters"

*IldeTest® have shown that burning at low speeds produces a disc with 0,00001% less bugs that the overall high speed recordings.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

EYCA contest

I have done a logo for the international contest  for a logo design for EYCA, European Youth Card. Previous logo was Hercules with European stars around, so I thought it would be fun to simplify and just take a curly hair of his head as a logo.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I ordered this CD because of it's cover art drawn by Katsuhiro Otomo. I then realize that the author Ken Iishi' EXTRA had a great music animation video directed by Koji Morimoto.

ROCK MONSTER STRIKES BACKby Ken Iishi & Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Epic records / 25 min
Release date: 1996.07.21
Track Listings1. ロック・モンスター・ストライクス・バック
2. エクストラ
3. 同(ダムズ・テクノパラ・リミックス)

Available in Amazon US / ES / JP

Thursday, September 11, 2008

DVD - World Apartment Horror

Based on a manga work written by Katsuhiro Otomo and drawn by Satoshi Kon, World Apartment Horror is the film adaptation of the same work directed by Katsuhiro Otomo himself. I was looking for this DVD for a long time and I just find it cheap on the Amazon Japan Marketplace.

Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo
SME - Visual Works 
 97 minutes / Color / Dolby / Letterboxed /Japanese
Release Date: 2001.08.22
    Available in Amazon US / ES / JP

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

BOOK - WARNING! by Katsuhiro Otomo

Today I found in Amazon Japan marketplace WARNING! Character Designs of Genma Taisen by Katsuhiro Otomo. A hard to find book with sketches and designs by Otomo for the 1983 Rintaro directed movie Genma Taisen a.k.a Harmagedon.

by Katsuhiro Otomo
Kadokawa / 88 pages / Japanese
Release Date: 1983.05
Check availability on Amazon US / ES / JP

Monday, September 01, 2008

Hayao Miyazaki in Venice Film Festival

Hayao Miyazaki has atended to Venice International Film Festival film festival to the world premiere of his last film Gake No Ue No Ponyo. Miyazaki doesn't travel a lot so is great to have him atenice. Here the press conference he gave in three parts.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CD - Alfred J. Kwak single

I remember watching Alfred J. Kwak on TV when I was a kid. This anime serie was different to others. Allways sad things happened to little Alfred. But it was great. I saw this single on Amazon japan and I ordered. It's a 8cm CD with just two tracks, in a kind of a wide box I never saw before but I suppose it's common in japan.

約束だよ [Single] 

Label: Polydor
CD (1997/3/5)
Run Time: 7 min

Track Listings:
1. 約束だよ(林原めぐみ)
2. ハッピー・ハッピー(同)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

CD - SteamBoy OST by Steve Jablownsky

I just ordered in Amazon Japan marketplace the Soundtrack of SteamBoy by Steve Jablonsky released on CD by JVC on 2004.07.14 in Japan. The CD comes in a custom made wide box with a beautiful transparent plastic slipcase

Friday, July 18, 2008

DVD - Steam Boy Starter Kit

Before Katsuhiro Otomo's SteamBoy came out on theaters a DVD box called STEAM BOY Starter Kit  came out on June 25, 2004. The set was designed by match55go. The 40min DVD included a short animation film "48 X 61" directed by Rintaro dedicated to Katsuhiro Otomo, some messages to Katsuhiro Otomo by Rintaro and others, the making-of  SteamBoy, a SteamBoy promo clip, a T-shirt designed by Katsuhiro Otomo and a SteamBoy title logo sticker. I ordered in amazon marketplace for few bucks. 

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

BOOK - Dragon Ball Daizenshuu #6

Today I ordered the fifth volume of the Daisenshuu Dragon Ball enciclopedia.

by Akira Toriyama
Shueisha / 214 pages / Japanese
Language: 日本語, 日本語
ISBN: 978-4087827569
Release Date: 1995.12.09

Thursday, July 03, 2008

MuKide logo

We won the first prize in a competition organized by MuKide for the design of a logo for the Mondragon Universitys ex-alumny association. 

MuKide, the name of the association, means in basque Mondragon Universtity Friend so the logo is  a variation of the actual Mondragon University MU logo, and represents a hug, as if two good friends embrace each other with arms. 

Aaron who is currently studying telecommunications engineering in MU received a Nintendo Wii as price. Will we end up going back to video game playing days?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

DVD - Jose L. de Miguel FLEXION / OBRA

We have just end up digitalizing two films from 1976 by Jose Luis de Miguel, professor of structures in ETSAM architecture school. Available now with the deposit number [V-816] in ETSAM libary.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sold Out logo contest

SOLD OUT logo design contest entry. A mask made out of an S and an O representing the brands work in cultural and artistic fields. The infinite symbol refers to the brands open approach to many different markets.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sika award 2008

I have been working with Beatriz del Castillo and her team mates in the 2008 Sika Architectural Competition. This year the theme was "profitable city". We have been discussing for a while and someone proposed the idea of mergeing the colours of the city with the colours of brands. Coke is red, Orange is obviously orange and Caja Madrid has a green bear as a logo. So this is it. Simple idea and fast execution. 
We were awarded with a mention!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Laurogeita hamarreko hamarkadan ETB1-ean ikusten genuen DRAGOI BOLA beste hainbat neska mutikok bezela. Akira Toriyama-k sorturiko komikian onarritutako animazio serie japoniar honen 153 atalak DRAGON BOX delako 25 diskako kutxa baten argitaratuak izan ziren Japonian 2004ko uztailaren 7an, DVD formatuan. Ordurako DRAGOI BOLAren jarraipena den DRAGOI BOLA Z salgai zegoen Japonian, izan ere urte bat lehenago, 25 diskako kutxa bana kaleratu baitzituzten, 2003ko martxoaren 13an DRAGON BALL Z DVD BOX vol 1 eta hile batzuk beranduago 2003ko irailaren 18an DRAGON BALL Z DVD BOX vol 2.

Guztira 75 diskaz osaturiko hiru kutxetan DRAGOI BOLA eta DRAGOI BOLA Z guztia eskuragarri zegoen japonian 2004ko uztailerako; hori bai, japonieraz eta hiru mila euro baino gehiago ordainduta, kutxa bakoitzak 150,000yen balio baitzituen. Bien bitartean geu, ea Dragoi Bola DVD formatuan Euskal Herrira noiz iritsiko desioan eta euskarara bikoiztuta aterako ote zenaren irrikaz.

2005eko otsailean, manga Films ek eta Salvat-ek Dragoi Bola DVD formatuan kaleratuko zutela iragarri zuten, Erderaz eta estatuko hainbat  hizkuntzekin, katalanez, galizieraz eta baita euskaraz ere. Tamalez japonierazko jatorrizko bikoizketa etzuen ekarriko. Serie originalaren 153 atalak 51 DVDtan argitaratzea erabaki zuten, bi asteroko aldizkakotasunez, eta 15 euroko prezioan. Kolekzioak guztira 765 euro kostatuko zituen urte luze batean zehar banatuta. Audio kalitatea nahiko onekoa eta argi eta garbi entzuten zen arren, edizioaren  irudiaren kalitate eskasa eta prezio altua zela eta, interneten erabateko desadostasuna erakutsi zuten jarraitzaileek. Izan ere, Manga Films-ekoek master japoniar berriztuak erabili beharrean telebista autinomikoen airerapenetan erabilitako master zaharrak erabili zituzten eta gaur egungo telebista aparatu eta formatu digitaletan era guztietako zikinkeria eta master zaharren higadura erabat nabarmenak ziren. Hona hemen edizio espainola eta japoniarra alderik alde, DVDtik bertatik ateratako irudiak parekatuta.

Dragoi Bolak DVD formatuan Espainian izandako sarrera kaxkarraren ostean, 2006ko ekainean Selecta Visión-ek DRAGOI BOLA Z master japoniarrekin argitaratuko zuela iragarri zuen autonomietako hizkuntzekin eta baita japonierarekin ere.  Inork etzekien ordea jatorrizko DRAGOI BOLArekin zer gertatuko zen, Manga Filmsek berriz kaleratuko ote zuten master berriak erabilita edo edizio tamalgarri horrekin geratuko ginen betirako.

Urteak igaro eta inongo berririk etzegoenez honen inguruan, nire anaiak eta biok 2007ko gabonetan hasi genuen DRAGOI BOLA BERREZKURATZEKO PROIEKTUA (DBBP). Izan ere Manga Films-en edizioko DVD guztiak kaleraturik zeuden jada eta eskuragarri geneukan materiala erabilita ziur geunden edizio kaxkar hori baino zerbait hobea egin genezakela. Hainbat buruausteren ondoren DVD japoniarretan oinarritutako euskara eta japonierako edizio bat egitea erabaki genuen. DVD japoniarren irudia ez genuenez berriz kodifikatu nahi, kalitaterik gal ez zezan, nolabait lekua bilatu behar genion euskarazko audio pistari DVDetan sar zedin. Horretarako DVD japonairrak hainbat programei esker konputagailuan desegin genituen lehen bizi. Japoniar audioa estereoa 448kbps-etan kodifikatua zegoen, eta erdira, hau da 224kbps kodifikatu ezkero kalitatearen galera apenas nabarituko zen, era horretan euskarazko pista monoaurala 192kbps-etan sar genezakeen soberan zegoen lekuan eta segurtasun margina bat geneukan badaezpada ere. DVD japoniearrek sei atal zekartenez gure edizioak ere sei atal izango zituen. Menuak guztik berregin genituen euskaraz eta atalez-atal edo istorio eran ikusteko aukerak jarri genizkien DVDei. 

Horrela, gaur, 2008ko maiatzaren 16an Dragoi Bolaren lehen diska berregiten bukatu dugu. Prozezu luzea izan da, DVDen barne  estruktura  ulertu eta anitz programa berri erabiltzen ere ikasi behar izan dugu, baina behin lehenengoa eginda, prozesu guztia sistematizatu dugunez bigarrena egitea askoz errexago gertatuko zaigu dudarik gabe.

Proiektu honetan buru belarri genbiltzala, Dragoi Bolaren atalak YouTube-ra igotzea ez zitzaugula ezer kostatzen bururatu zitzaigun. YouTube-k 10 minutuko bideoak besterik ez dituen arren igotzen uzten. Halabeharrez, Dragoi Bolaren atalak hasierako eta bukaerako kantuak kenduta, bi zatitan banaturik daude beti eta nahikoa dira 10 minutu zati hauetako bakoitza igotzeko. Beraz edozein momentutan YouTubeko kanala itxiko digutelaren jakinaren gainean gauden arren, guk ez bait daukagu seriearen egile eskubiderik, egin beharreko gauza bat dela iruditu zaigu Dragoi Bola YouTube-n euskaraz jartzea eta horrela mundu guztira zabaltzea euskara bera. DBBProeiktua kanala estreinatu genuenean Dragoi Bola bertan topa daitekeen  euskarara itzulitako serie bakarra zen. Euskara ikastea helburu duen edozeinendako, txikitako Son Gokuren abenturak berriro bizi nahi dituenarendako eta nola ez jarraitzaile berri ororendako. 

Monday, April 21, 2008


I have designed a plastic cover for my Ikea Lersta lamp called DUSTLIC to prevent dust from get in when I put it looking upwards so that the light is not direct when I am reading.  I decided that the best way of explaining the project is with some printed ad campaigns (left: international campain / right: japanese campain) that would communicate the idea to potential consumers. 

In this year projects class we were supposed to start with two things and transform them making prototypes in the process. I have been working on DUSTLIC and the DBBP projects together and presented in the most simple way as possible. From my point of view a project is a problem and what you are supposed to do as architect is solving it in the most efficient way possible. In this case I solved the problem of the dust in my lamp with a simple easy to produce piece of plastic. A problem that potentially millions of owners of this lamp may have, being a cheap lamp sold over the world. But suddenly the question transformed...Does people know they have a problem? or Does people know that this problem they have now can be solved with DUSTLIC? The product is designed having that in mind from the very fist moment and the final boards summarizes the process. The only way of reaching the attention of consumers is by commercial campaigns that explain the product in an easy way so that everyone can understand them.
Everyone but teachers, I guess. 

Boards read like this 
Ya no tiene porque preocuparse de cómo coloca su lámpara LERSTA de IKEA, con el filtro DUSTLIC evitara que el polvo entre en su interior, manteniendo la bombilla limpia y mejorando el rendimiento lumínico. PLASTIC es fácil de instalar y desinstalar. Visite la pagina web
Now you won't have to worry about how you place your LERSTA IKEA lamp. With the DUSTLIC filter the dust will not penetrate keeping the light bulb clean thus enhancing it's lighting performance. DUSTLIC is easy to install and remove. For more information visit: 
今や、どのようにLERSTAアイキーアランプを置くかについて悩む必要がありません。 DUSTLICフィルタで、塵は、電球を、 クリーンである 従って強化するようにしておくことに侵入しません それ 性能に点火する。DUSTLICは、インストールし、取り除きやすい。モル情報以下を訪問のために

DUSTLIC by GROD, Get Rid Of Dust  is a division of AAANDNN

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Expertization Workshop in Murcia

We have been in Centro Parraga, Murcia for 4 days  from April 9 to 12. In a workshop with Moritz Waldemeyer and Yvonne Laurisen as guest stars and teachers from Madrid Architecture School GEP department, Paula Montoya, Izaskun Chinchilla, Jose Luis Vallejo and Andrés Perea.
We arrived with some projects that we were developing in class and the guests were going to show us their expertise and help us become expert in whatever in a few couple of days.
Our team named Noise reduction was formed by: Elena Alvarez, Enrique Bayarri, Miguel BeloquiIoannes Busca, Silvia Echeverria, Guillermo Fernandez & Raul Nieves.
After having a lot of fun playing with everything that everyone carry with him, buying weird stuff and mixing it all together, we finally end up creating a project were a building façade was supposed to repond to the noise produced in the streets. However, I must say that the process, where so many new ideas grew, has been the most rewarding part of the workshop.
It's  hard to explain the experience, we all had such a good time. I hardly can imagine a better environment to create new weird stuff.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DVD - Segui X Santonja

This is an old VHS that was recorded in my first year in architecture school in a class I which I was. Javier Segui and Ricardo Santonja made a kind of interactive class using camcorders and projectors to find cool frames and stuff. Now five years later is finaly released in DVD and is available in the ETSAM library.

Clase Interactiva Javier Segui / Ricardo Santonja
Deposit Number [V-819]

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BOOK - Architecture and McDonalds

Today I ordered thee nice book to amazon, The first two are related to architecture and the third one, what the heck, is also an architecture book. Eames Hoese is the one building American that architects and designers Charles and Ray Eames did. It's their own house. This small book captures the planes and fotoghaps as well as the story behind the building. The other Book Le Corbusier: Moments in the Life of a Great Architect is a aweso compilation of photoghaps and text from LeCorbusiers most know buildings,Magnum photoghaper René Burri makes an amazing work showing us the hiden part of the architecture that never appears in now a days magazines. Deteriorated buildings used by the people. People living in the buildings. An the last book is Ray Crock's biography of how he met the McDonalds Brothers and founded, well, guess. McDonalds. A worldchanging company one of the first if not the first that started the globalization of the globe. I will have some days of nice reading when they arrive.

Eames House: Charles and Ray Eames (Architecture in Detail)
by James Steele 
Phaidon Press  / 60 pages /  English
ISBN-10: 0714842125
ISBN-13: 978-0714842127
Le Corbusier: Moments in the Life (German and English Edition)
by Arthur Rüegg (Editor), René Burri (Photographer)
Birkhäuser Architecture / 181 pages / German, English
Publishing date: 1995.06.27
ISBN-10: 3764359994
ISBN-13: 978-3764359997

by Ray Kroc
St. Martin's Paperbacks / 218 pages / English
Publishing date:1992.04.15
ISBN-10: 0312929870
ISBN-13: 978-0312929879

Friday, February 15, 2008

ETSAM Library logo contest

The Library of  ETSAM architecture school where I actually work was looking for a logo. So they prepared a competition in which I have submitted this. It wasn't good enough so they gave me the 2nd price and the big thick book I am holding in the photo. The book was not so interesting but luckily I was able to change it in the ETSAM bookshop so I finally pick up an A+U monograph about Cecil Balmond, a Monograph about Konstantin Melnikov and some other books. 

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Logitech Z-5500

Today I bought this magnificent Sound System, I hope to have some money soon to buy a proyector and start enjoying movies in big size. They cost about 300€

Saturday, February 02, 2008

AKIRA DVD Special Edition

I just received a superb edition of AKIRA on DVD, the 1989 anime film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and based on the manga published by Kodansha in Young Magazine written and drawn by Otomo. This japanese gorgeous edition box includes in its thick cardboard box, the film with english and japanese audio tracks and english subtitles, a second disc with plenty of bonus material and a 800 pages book with the complete storyboard of the film drawn by the director himself.

Here some videos I found on YouTube that are included in the second disc and explain the processes called Quick Action Recording, a technic used during production to check the animation. It's a four part video, check it out! ( It's not available anymore on YouTube, I have uploaded the first part here, the rest are available on the DVD)

Check out subtitles and translation. Even they are not as accurate as we all wish, it's nice to have them because the second disc doesn't include any subtitles at all. (No YouTube, no automatic subtitles)

This edition is out of stock but you can always check out the amazon marketplace

Friday, February 01, 2008

DVD - Rafael Moneo 1995 lectures

Those are probably the DVD covers I am proudest of, above all the ones I did all this years in AAGRAFA. This time we had to digitalize a bunch of old VHS tapes containing lectures given by Rafael Moneo at the III Biennial of Spanish Architecture in Círculo de Bellas Artes on 1995. Each of the lectures focused on a architect so I decided it would be cool to meld Moneo's face with each of the architects he was speaking about. If you really like architecture theoretic, all six are a are a must see. Believe me, they are really, really interesting. Available now on ETSAM libary

III. Bienal  de Arquitectura española
Ciclo de conferencias en el círculo de Bellas artes
Principios diversos en seis arquitectos contemporaneos

Rafael Moneo: James stirling
1995-XI-14 / 110 min / Deposit number [V-808]

Rafael Moneo: Aldo Rossi
1995-XI-15 / 95 min / Deposit number [V-809]

Rafael Moneo: Peter Eisenman
1995-XI-16 / 118 min / Deposit number [V-810]

Rafael Moneo: Alvaro Siza
1995-XI-21/ 112 min / Deposit number [V-811]

Rafael Moneo: Frank Gehry
1995-XI-22 / 118 min / Deposit number [V-812]

Rafael Moneo: Rem Koolhass
1995-XI-23 / 121 min / Deposit number [V-813]

via: AA&NN

Sunday, January 27, 2008

BOOK - Richard Rogers Box Set

The first time I got contact with Richard Rogers work was in in first year of college. I had to make a wok about Centre Pompidou building in Paris by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. I got fascinated with the building and specially with the early days project of those young architects back in the 70's. Richard Rogers work where comiled in various books. I remenbered taking home some years ago from school library one of them published back in 1985 by Academy Editions: Richard Rogers+Architects. It was so used and deteriorated that I took some hours to fully scan it and try to restore it as much as I could before bringing it back. Onether book i took home was The Richard Rogers complete work volume 1 and volume 2. Both where big thick hardcover book and that I wished to have back in those days. Some years later a third volume and a compilation box came out. This box included the three volumes in paperback edition in a thick cardboard box and now that it's in a bargain price in amazon I just ordered. 

Richard Rogers Complete Works - 3 Volume Set 
by Kenneth Powell
Phaidon Press Inc / 960 pages / English
Publishing date: 2008.03.05
ISBN-10: 0714848662
ISBN-13: 978-0714848662