Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SIKA contest 2011


I have been working with Javier Argota and Rodrigo Delso this days, we did a couple of entries, one is the one above. I don't know why we were not awarded...The brief was simple: There is no more space to build in Spain and we had to figure out ways so that we could continue building a vacation resort in ocean, space or where ever. Awesome idea, isn't it?

The boards read like this:
Left: Why should we do SIKA if we can go on vacation? 
Right: Hundreds of students, hundreds of ideasso that people that live in wealthy countries can enjoy vacations. If we don't use the money for investigation and while we still belive that brick-moved economy is possible. We will be happy if we are able to serve to the countries that really invest on research and development. The only line we draw as a proposal is the bikini line.

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