Tuesday, February 20, 2018

MUSIC VIDEO | Los caminantes de Plaza

Puerto Rico | 2016 | 5 min | Color | 16:9 

AA&NN presents
A musical video reportage by Noelis Prieto
Photographed and edited by Ioannes Busca
Music: ‘Como nunca antes’ by Moreira
Shot in Puerto Rico on July 6, 2016

For over 25 years, a group of senior citizens of Puerto Rico known as ‘The Mall Walkers’ have gotten together on a weekly basis in the biggest mall of the Caribbean before opening hours to work out and socialize.

It’s facinating how, for a short period of time, while the stores are getting ready to open their doors, the mall’s common spaces are transformed by this group into a gym-like zone that would otherwise be impossible when the mall gets packed with oblivious shoppers.

Update: Video is no longer available due copyright issues. You can access the web if you have a password: http://aaandnn.com/video/los-caminantes-de-plaza/