Saturday, August 02, 2003

My First Laptop: Packard Bell EasyNote E3245

Last semester I started to enjoy video editing with the EPI video we did in DAI2 class. As we didn't know how to use Premiere efficiently and nobody  taught us, we end up editing it on VHS. Luckily I finally was able to play a little in my cousins PC and I managed to  sinc the audio and the video tracks and export it successfully. 

This September starts my second year in Architecture School and a computer is a must.  The DVD is becoming the standar in video and I realize that laptops are already carrying DVD recording units. Making videos with menus that you can play in an standalone player is something I was dreaming to do for a long time. And now that you can do that just with a machine you can carry with you everywhere is just awesome. In few years with the introduction of YouTube all this is gonna be irrelevant but today it's mind blowing. Just thinking on VHS days is a pain, with such a poor image quality, the need of all this expensive equipment just to edit content poorly. Anyway... The Times Are A Changin'. Again.

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