DESIGN | Sáenz de Oiza

We have been digitalizing old tapes featuring Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza this days in AAGRAFA. Oiza was an Architect and Professor in Architecture School in Madrid. And one of his first buildings is the  Arantzazu Sanctuary in Oñati, my hometown in which he collaborated with artist such as Jorge Oteiza, nestor Basterretxea and Eduardo Chillida back in the fifties. We present here four discs collecting many lectures, classes and some tributes to his work. This is the list of the releases on DVD available now on ETSAM library. A good dose of nostalgia.


Conferencia en la ETSAM
1992 / 90 min. / Deposit number [V-689]


Conferencia centenario Le Corbusier
Salón de Actos COAM
December 18, 1986 / 84 min. / Deposit number [V-690]


Sáenz de Oíza, Jerónimo Junquera
Los recintos feriales de Madrid
February 12, 1992 / 94 min / Deposit Number [V-691]


Mesa redonda  En torno al museo del Prado
con Miguel Fisac, Sáez de Oíza, Javier Carvajal, Rafael de la Hoz, Luis Fdez-Galiano, M.A, Baldellou ...
June 29, 1995 / 17 min. / Deposit number [V-692]

Conferencia sobre la obra de Oíza por Antón Capitel
January 25, 1996 / 100 min. / Deposit number [V-692]

DESIGN | Willem De Kooning

We sometimes we digitalize VHS tapes to DVD in AAGRAFA and even it seems kind of illegal, we do it only when it's impossible to find it in any other format. The original VHS, is out of stock and it's only  available only on the Amazon marketplace. This DVD cover is a remake I did based on the original VHS artwork. This documentary about Willem de Kooning directed by Robert Snyder is now available with the Deposit number [V-818] in ETSAM library.

DESIGN | Lecciones en la ETSAM

Some of the classic professors in Madrid Architecture School are retiring soon so this last months in AAGRAFA we have been busy recording some lectures of them. Here the first five DVDs of the series. Available now on ETSAM library.

Lecciones en la ETSAM - DISC 1
Ricardo Aroca Mecanica del sólido y sistemas estructurales
November 2, 2006 / 120 min / Deposit number [V-693]

Lecciones en la ETSAM - DISC 2
Javier Seguí Dibujo Análisis e ideación 1
December 4, 2006 / 95 min / Deposit number [V-694]

Lecciones en la ETSAM - DISC 3
Paco Alonso Lección inaugural de proyectos
February 5, 2007 / 108 min / Deposit number [V-695]

Lecciones en la ETSAM - DISC 4
Jaier Cárdenas Construcción obra gruesa
February 8, 2007 / 85 min / Deposit number [V-696]

Lecciones en la ETSAM - DISC 5
Antón Capitel Las formas ilusorias en la arquitectura de Asplund
February 14, 2007 / 99 min / Deposit number [V-697]