DESIGN | Architecture Week Lectures

Once a year the Architecture week takes place in Madrid and many events are organized  in the city. AAGRAFA team present the lectures that took place in our Madrid Architecture School this week recorded and collected in five DVD discs. Available now in the ETSAM library.


DISC 1>>Ginés Garrido "El Lissitsky"
October 4, 2005 / 45 min / Deposit number [V-594]

DISC 2>>Álvaro Soto
October 5, 2005 / 96 min / Deposit number [V-595]

DISC 3>>Fernando Casqueiro "La Arquitectura de la Nada"
October 5, 2005 / 115 min / Deposit number [V-596]

DISC 4>>Antonio Juárez "Fragmentos del Espejo Contemporáneo"
October 6, 2005 / 70 min / Deposit number [V-597]

DISC 5>>Darío Gazapo
October 7, 2005 / 18 min / Deposit number [V-598]

LAB | Antiumbrela

Intervention in a stepwell in India. Developed in a design class in Madrid Architecture School in 2005 with professors​ Aranguren + Gallegos.
This is a project I can not talk about. It's a secret project under development. Just take a look to this image.  I hope to be able to write about it in the near future. I can only say that I obtained a good grade with just this A4 drawing in an Architecture School class. Well, I can also say, I guess, that: "Efficiency is priority number one people, because waste is a thief".  -Ioannes

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