Acer x110 proyector

Today I bought our first projector. I have been looking for a projector for a while and thinking on an HDready or full HD ones but finally I thought that almost everything I'm going to watch is going to be standard resolution DVDs so let's try with a more economic one. This Acer x110 costs 300€ it has a resolution of 800x600pixels. That's everything we can afford by now. Jumping from a small TV to a projector is a great experience. I'mm going to re watch a lot of movies.

Check for prices Amazon US / ES / JP

PAINTING | Floor lines

Today I went back to Marta Maiz's drawing class. It was a long time I didn't draw on big paper. This particualr drawing is done with the help of the stoneware floor and a roll-on.


Fix you O.S.
part 1 - rented house
when you know, you can imitate

Fix your O.S.
part 2 - school
when you imitate, you can control

Fix your O.S.
part 3 - city 
when you control, you can create

This is probably my last project in school. It has been a good time all this years. It's time to move on.