NEWS | AA&NN's State of the Union

WOW! the last post in this page is from September 2015. We have abandoned this blog for a while, not because we haven't been doing anything, but because we were working on some cool things and sharing then under their own brands and left this newsfeed aside.

Let's see what has been going on this past couple of years.

●The last post featured ARRIURDIN, a promising project in which our co-founder and tech master Aaron Busca has been working (in his free time, when he's not climbing or running or fixing a website for us) for a while now. The work has progress a lot since then, but due to his busy schedule is not going as fast as we would like. Nevertheless, the first prototype is almost ready. Designed in Basque Country with a 3D printed enclosure, wireless charging, waterproof, name it. We hope to have news about it soon!

●Our Ahabi independent publishing house finally took off during 2016 and jumped from the digital platforms to a more tangible good ol' book publishing. Beginning with EdFramed collection and following with Antxintxiketan a late 2015 comic book by Ian Nose, Ahabi comics are now available in paperback in Amazon, and in digital book formats in Amazon Kindle, Apple Books and ComiXology. To learn more check our recently launched website. We have designed the layout and the covers of all Ahabi editions to this day, as well as managed all the mess that represents making a book and everything that this entails, but we love it and we hope to keep on that for many years to come.

●During 2016 and 2017, we have been working with a bunch of directors in Nostrom Moving Images in Puerto Rico. We have learned a lot working with Fernando Vallejo, Carlos Larrieu, Federico Torres Fernández, Benoît Gabriel and Jochi Melero, Storyboarding their visions for commercial campaigns or assisting them for brands such as T-Mobile, Universal Group Inc., MCSPuertoRico, AT&T and Coors Light among others. Check some of the works in our website.

●Also in 2016, we have rescued from oblivion a couple of short films from the past. We re-mastered and re-edited for their fifth anniversary, DORRETXEKO PRINTZESA and URA, two collaborative short films created for Oñatiko laburmetrai rallya back in 2011 with the collective URTZI COOP. Who knows if a collector edition DVD version may come one of this days...

●Our co-founder Ioannes Busca finally graduated from college on May 2016, it was about time! We have also revisited and re-mastered a couple of short films from his student days. Some are already available on watch here. DVD and Blu-ray editions might follow.

ChronOtomo: Otomo Katsuhiro Chronology, a side project we started back in November 2012, with an innocent first post on Facebook has gained over 2,000 followers in Instagram alone. The main site has over 1,000 posts and over 1,500 single images. However, the project is far from been completed. We still have many surprises saved for all the Otomo fans out there!

●We are celebrating the 10th anniversary of AA&NN this year. We came up wih the name AA&NN on December 2007 after a mind-blowing, soul refreshing semester in the 'Grupo de Experimentación Proyectual' commanded by Andres Perea, Paula Montoya Saiz, Jose Luis Vallejo Mateo and Izaskun Chinchilla Moreno, in Madrid Architecture School. To celebrate this, during 2018 we hope to take out of the drawer many unedited things from the past, also from the collaborative work done with Atxu Amann Ya Lcocer, let's celebrate it with some great old memories.

●Revisiting old stuff makes us of course think on the 100x10 · Pedagogías Arquitectónicas Innovadoras days. Rodrigo Delso Gutierrez, Javier Argota Borja Gómez, Maria Luisa de Miguel and all, that was back in June 2011... an anniversary is coming soon: Let's meet at El Palentino!. But not all can be looking back, great projects are on the horizon, new stories, new collaborations, new stuff, whatever it is.

●As far as personal life concerns, our dad had a stroke on December 2015, from which he is recovering, our grandmother, his mom, passed away and we suffered one of the most devastating hurricanes that ever hit Puerto Rico last September, what made us move to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From here we will continue giving our best, now from The City of Brotherly Love and Oñati, to the world. We will be updating this site more frequently, and throwing back memories every Thursday on instagram and facebook, so, stay tuned!

I guess that's all for today.