Michael Jordan is back

The pre-game of Michael Jordan's first game back after couple of years of retirement. It's glad to see him back this time with the number 45.

Dragon Ball Tankoubon #40

This is the first ever Dragon Ball Tankoubon I saw. A neighbour friend has bought it on a comic book store. There are no many stores like this around so this kind of material it's pretty difficult to find in the Basque Country. As it's all written in Japanese, we have no clue on what's going on. The value of it for us resides fully in the pictures. The storyline is far ahead of what we are reading in Spanish edition and watching on Basque TV, so we were just amazed by every single frame. The thing that shocked us most was a full page of Goku transformation in a super saya with long hair. We thought he was evil because of the eyes, I guess. Months later when it was finally published in Spain we end up knowing what was really happening.