DESIGN | DAI 1 Obsesion: Luz

During the year 2003 we have been editing and collecting on DVD the recordings by photographer and professor Ricardo Santonja in Atxu Amann's Drawing class in Madrid Architecture School featuring  Javier Seguí, Uriel Seguí, first years architecture students and many more. Instituto Juan the Herrera has published it and is available in Mairea bookstore.

That's my first DVD and it has been a pain to discover how all this new stuff works. I fell a little bit embarrassed by the design of the menus. Sorry. As Atxu always says, you learn to fuck, fucking and you learn to draw, drawing. I guess with DVDs is the same.

DAI 1 2003 Obsesion: Luz | Atxu-Ricardo-Irene-Uriel...alumnos

Publisher: Instituto Juan de Herrera
Collection: Cuadernos de apoyo a la docencia del Instituto Juan de Herrera de la ETSAM (163.01)
Release date: 2004-V
Language: Spanish
Retail price: 9,90€
ISBN 13: 978-84-9728-103-4
ISBN 10: 84-9728-103-9