Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

The last episode of the Star Wars prequel trilogy was released in cinemas today, and with it, various books with which the hard core fans can learn the ins and outs on the making of the movie while we  all wait patiently until the film comes out on DVD.

The Art of Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by J. W. Rinzler
The Making of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith by J. W. Rinzler
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith Incredible Cross-Sections by Curtis Saxton, Hans Jenssen & Richard Chasemore

LAB | You and Both - Intervention in Upper Lawn Pavilion

In this year's Projects class in Architecture School, each student had to choose from a list of existing houses, draw and analyze them first, and then, made a proposal for an expansion. I chose architects Alison and Peter Smithson's Upper Lawn Pavilion. I discovered this couple's work in the travel we did to the UK last year. It was such a great experience, we visited many of their buildings.

However, while researching to find information to draw the house properly I come up with their books and writings and this is when I really started to understand their approach towards the architecture. Just a magnificent, clear minded, honest, human scale architects. Nothing to do with what we are used to see now a days in magazines.

By the way, I started working with autoCAD in this my third year in school. It has been a headache at first but, everything seems to go smooth now. I trace the drawings of the house based on the ones found in an old Italian magazines from the school library.

DESIGN | Architectonic use of stone

This week in AAGRAFA we have been digitalizing some old VHS and authoring them to DVD so that they are more accessible for everyone. This time a bunch of old fashioned eighties videos by Spanish stone producing companies that explain the proccess in wich the stones are obtained and how to use them properly. Available now in ETSAM library for the hardcore architects and old school video lovers. 

DISC 1:  Deposit number [V-632]
   1 - Extración y Elaboración del granito / 26 min
   2 y 3 - Métodos de impermeabilización de cubiertas en obra / 28 min

DISC 2: Deposit number [V-633]
   1 - ANGE, Asociación Nacional de Graniteros Españoles / 10 min
   2 - Marmoles de Alicante  / 13 min
   3 - Marmol Macael  / 10 min
   4 - Pizarras SAMACA  / 11 min
   5 - Pizarras CUPA  / 8 min
   6 - FDP, Federación Española de la Piedra Natural  / 18 min

DESIGN | Konstantin Melnikov

I started to work in AAGRAFA in ETSAM library and this is the first DVD I created. It's a digitalization of an old VHS to DVD. I also designed a brand new cover.

Konstantin Melnikov
Directed by Marjo Leupers y Jet Christiaanse
Produced by Qui Vive film productions
Released in 1999

Available with the deposit number [V-320]