Nintendo 64!

Christmas are coming soon, my brother and I have been given permission to save some money and buy a video game console. Even Sony's PlayStation is in everyone's mouth this days, we have preferred to bet for the classics with the Nintendo 64 that was released last year. It's graphics and games are awesome. Now that Lylat Wars is out we are going to buy them together. We are so excited to feel the Rumble Pack. Here a promotional video of Star Fox that was renamed Lylat Wars in Europe.

Where were you when Google was born?

On september 27, 1997 Google is born. Well... I am writing this on september 27, 2011 in Google's 13th birthday. I realized about it via Gizmodo. But as we like to look backward so much I just thought it was a good excuse to went to the old photo albums of school days and scan the 1997-1998 one.  Here my class of 1997. 

We had such a good time this year. We were 13 by the time and we were in DBH2 (2nd grade of Compulsory Secondary Education). I remenber I was still playing football those days. I think it was the first year we started playing as a team in Aloña Mendi. I played as defense, training session were so fun, we were all friends, some playing so seriously and others with so many crazy ideas. Our coach got fed up with us.

My brother Aaron was 11 years old. Here his last year of Primary Education class. (He is missing, maybe he went to the Doctor or something)

In those days, we didn't have any computer at home and I don't know if there was internet in school neither. But I clearly remember how this September, after much insistence my parents allowed us to buy a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. So my brother and I, picket up a plastic pink piggy bank and started earning some money. We also started to buy Nintendo Accion magazine, to start to see what games were coming out on Christmas holidays. Finally a high-tech something was coming to our home!

In the first Nintendo Accion September issue #58 we had, there was a preview of Lylat Wars, the highly anticipated prequel of the Super Nintendo's Star Fox. Aside for the game itself, that was supposed to be mesmerizing, everyone was speaking about a peripheral that will come with it: The Rumble Pack. It was a device to be attached in the bottom of the 64's controller, meant to change the way you played, making the action of the screen rumble in your hands! The choice was done. That was the game we wanted.

So there we where  in september 1997, in another school year, with no much worries than earning some money and have good marks so we could enjoy the Nintendo 64 on Christmas. Happy old school days!

The end of Dragon Ball Serie Roja

A couple of years ago Dragon Ball came to it's end in Japan, so now it's time to say good bye to the Dragon Ball serialization in Spain too. With this Serie Roja #58 (number 211 including the Serie Blanca) ends the first edition of Dragon Ball in Spain. This last number came with a golden metallic printed title and a poster. It has been great pleasure following Dragon Ball for three years.

MACWORLD '97 the return of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the soul and visionary co-founder of Apple Computer, returned to the company that watched him grow as Apple adquired NeXT a company Steve himself founded back in 1987.