Nike’s “Ring Maker” by Errol Morris and W+K

I was surfing the a52 web and saw this great commercial paying tribute to Lebron James first NBA ring. 

Nike “Ringmaker” premiered after LeBron James and the Miami Heat won the 2011-2012 NBA Championship game against Oaklahoma City. The spot directed by Errol Morris tells the tale of LeBron’s rise to fame and the craftsman that makes the ring that will eventually garner his finger.
a52’s Paul Yacono colored the spot giving it a gritty, honest tone that reflects the storytelling that W+K and Morris were striving for.

NBA finals game 5 micro movie

LeBron James has lead the Miami Heats to the NBA championship this year. I still remember the first Nike model  with his name that I bought many years ago. I still have them semi-destroyed in a box. I guess it's time to do something with them as tribute to Lebron's journey.

Hemingway & Gellhorn

On May 28th the last film directed by Phillip Kaufman was released on HBO. As the editor Walter Murch explained in the Boston SuperMeet the movie was released in TV format because Hollywood studios thought the  audience would not be interested on a movie about Hemingway. 

Just before it's release on May 25 the director Phillip Kaufman was interviewed by Charlie Rose as part of the marketing campaign.  Interviews, clips and even a Behind the scenes featurette were also presented on the HBO official site.