Jorge Oteiza dies at age 94

Yesterday Jorge Oteiza, a basque thinker and sculptor died at the age of 94. It's a shame and I feel pretty sad for discovering Oteiza so late and so far from the Basque Country. But I feel fortunate because here in Madrid Architecture School teachers really appreciate this artist's work and this semester we had an exercise in projects class that was to re-think one of his metaphysical boxes, one of his last sculptural works with which he concluded his experimental artistic process. I have been so lucky to be in this second semester in DAI2 with Atxu Amann and Marta Maiz. Marta had a very especial relation with Jorge, she and her husband worked with him several times and she brought to class many books written by Oteiza. Among them, Quosque Tandem! A must read for anybody interested in art. Rest in peace Jorge. Here a drawing I did based on a photo of Jorge Oteiza.