STEAM BOY Starter Kit

Before Katsuhiro Otomo's Steam Boy was released in theaters, a DVD box designed by match55go and titled STEAM BOY Starter Kit came out on June 25, 2004. The set included a short animation film "48 X 61" directed by Rintaro dedicated to Otomo, a talk between Otomo, Rintaro and others, the making of SteamBoy, a promotional clip, a T-shirt designed by Otomo and a sticker with the title logo. I ordered it from Amazon marketplace for few bucks.


Dragon Ball Daizenshū #6

Today I ordered the sixth volume of the Daizenshū Dragon Ball encyclopedia.


Shueisha / 214 pages / Japanese
Language: 日本語, 日本語
ISBN: 978-4087827569
Release Date: 1995.12.09

DESIGN | MuKide logo

We won the first prize in a competition organized by MuKide for the design of a logo for the Mondragon Universitys ex-alumny association. 

MuKide, the name of the association, means in basque Mondragon Universtity Friend so the logo is  a variation of the actual Mondragon University MU logo, and represents a hug, as if two good friends embrace each other with arms. 

Aaron who is currently studying telecommunications engineering in MU received a Nintendo Wii as price. Will we end up going back to video game playing days?