DESIGN | Le Centre Georges Pompidou

Today we have been digitalizing an old VHS to DVD in AAGRAFA. A documentary realized by Richard Copans about the Centre Georges Pompidou, an awesome building located in the heart of Paris designed more that 30 years ago by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. I Hope many people can enjoy it now in it's new format. The VHS tape had only one audio track but I found out two more audio tracks on the net so I've been able to author them in a single disc and make a menu using a children's drawing of the building  founded online. I/m preety happy with the final product. Available in ETSAM library with the Deposit Number [V-687]

DESIGN | Architecture Week 2006

The Architecture Week is back once again, and there are events focusing on architecture all over the city as well as long hour lines to visit the most symbolic buildings in Madrid. The Architecture School has been organizing lectures from the beginning of October and the AAGRAFA team was there to record them all and make them available in DVD. Now you have the chance to revive them all from the comfort of your couch. Available in ETSAM library.


1 | Joaquín Ibañes "El tiempo construido"
October 2, 2006 / 48 min. / Deposit number [V-680]

2 | Darío Gazapo + Concha Lapayese
"Hibridaciones, interferencias, arte y arquitectura"
October 3, 2006 / 120 min. / Deposit number [V-681]

3 | Antonio Juarez "Baukust"
October 3, 2006 / 53 min. / Deposit number [V-682]

4 | Jose Luis de Arana "La arquitectura como memoria"
October 4, 2006 / 46 min. / Deposit number [V-683]

5 | Alberto Morell "Miguel Fisac"
October 4, 2006 / 38 min. / Deposit number [V-684]

6 | Almudena Ribot
"Arquitectura sin titulo y unas pequeñas piezas parasitarias"
October 4, 2006 / 65 min. / Deposit number [V-685]