Calvin & Hobbes 25th anniversary

It's 25 years since Bill Watterson's first Calvin & Hobbes strip hit the newspapers. I just combined here the first and the last strips of this my all time favorite cartoon. What a great memories reading them on Christmas and summer holidays. They are all collected in this beautiful box set edition.

SKETCH | Drawing over a table

Something is comming on MAY 2011...we will see. The drawing is done on a tracing paper and photographed over a wood table.

MEMORIES by Otomo, Morimoto & Okamura

Memories is an animated anthology conformed by three short films by directors Koji Morimoto, Tensai Okamura and Katsuhiro Otomo. This is the first Japanese DVD edition released in 1999 that came in a Laser Disc size box with the original cinema release booklet. Its original price was around 100€ but someone was selling it like new for just 15€ shipping included. So I added another Katsuhiro Otomo related item to my never ending Otomo stuff collection.


Bandai Visual
Color / Dolby / Widescreen / 2.35:1 /  142 minutes
Japanese & English subtitles available
DVD Release Date: 1999/03/25

Check the availability on Amazon: US / ES / JP