DESIGN | Cutty Sark

We presented a poster for the Cutty Sark contest titled "Jovenes cerebros". The point was to use the template of the Ad campaign the brand was already using in magazines with the motto 'DONDE HAY AMIGOS' and give it a a new twist. Our proposal is this: 
It's said that in every party they are the queens
Their friends know they are republicans

Amazon Japan Marketplace

Today I made my first order in which I bought used books from Amazon Japan. After receiving them, I believe I will continue buying more on the second hand marketplace. It's amazing how pristine Japanese collectors keep their books and DVDs.

One of the differences about buying in this marketplace is that the owner himself ships the product and Amazon just acts as an intermediary, so full shipping cost must be paid for each item. If the items are not very expensive it's a good option though. The most important reason to buy those used items instead of brand new ones is that all of them are out of stock. They are not on sale on the main store anymore making the marketplace the only place to find this items you can't find anywhere else. 

You have to make sure though, that the seller ships internationally. Check for the phrase: 海外向け&国内向け発送料金 in the item specifications. This means overseas shipment is available, only then it's possible to proceed and place the order to an international address. I have realized that it could be pretty annoying having to check for this phrase every-time. It would be great if Amazon Japan improves its  system some day letting the customer search only for items that are available to ship overseas.

AKIRA e-konte 1

The continuity of AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo. The firts of two books that collect the complete storyboard drawn by Otomo for the AKIRA he directed in 1988.

Robot Carnival DVD Special Edition

Nine japanese animaton directors: Katsuhiro Otomo, Takashi nakamura, Koji Morimoto among others...joined their shorts about robots under the same title.

Palme no Ki script

Written and directed by Takashi Nakamura. Palme no Ki is a nice great animation film.
Sarutan bōeitai

Three manga short stories published in 1984, one of them written by Katsuhiro Otomo

DESIGN | Luigi Prestinenza

We have reelased in AAGRAFA a new DVD with the conference by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi, architect and professor in La Sapienza, called ¿Were is Architecture today? that took place the 4th of May in Madrid Architecture School. Available in the ETSAM library.

¿Hacia donde va la arquitectura hoy?
D. Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi - Arquitecto. Profesor La Sapienza, Roma
135 min. / Deposit number [V-631]


Today, I ordered two American classics to Amazon US, Schulz's Peanuts and some Michael Jordan's NBA videos. 

Peanuts 1950-1954 Box set & peanuts 1955-1958 Box set

Peanuts is a cartoon written and drawn by Charles M. Schulz that was published in news papers all over the world  from 1950 to 2001. This gorgeous Fatagraphics edition aims to collect all of the strips in 25 books starting on may 2004 for 12 and a half years. A long way ahead. I ordered the first four volumes that come bounded in two thick cardboard boxes an include the strips from years 1950 to 1958.

Ultimate Jordan

A 3 DVD set of Michael Jordan NBA videos of the nineties with some of its best performance games as a bonus. 

DESIGN | Espegel, Galvez + Wieczorek

We have finished a new AAGRAFA release, a talk that took place in Madrid Architecture School last May 3rd between architects Carmen Espegel, María Auxiliadora Galvez and Izabella Wieczorek. Available now in the ETSAM libary with the Deposit number [V-675].

DESIGN | Three Philosophers

Three philosophers have visited the Madrid Architecture School and gave some lectures last month. We have recorded and authored them in DVD in AAGRAFA and thery are now available in ETSAM libray.

Vida y espiritu Fernando Savater
2006-III-21 / 82 min.
Deposit Number [V-864]

Razón Común y espíritu Agustín García Calvo
2006-III-28 / 86 min.
Deposit Number [V-865]

Tópicos contar el espiritu Aurelio Arteta
2006-IV-4 / 156 min.
Deposit Number [V-866]

CONCEPT VIDEO | Tres piedras

Spain | 2006 | 5min 30s (x3) | Color | 4:3 

Images by
Ricardo Santonja & Marcos Sánchez

Music by 
Antonio Cortés

Videos by 
Ioannes Busca

May 10-13, 2006. IFEMA, Madrid

Audiovisual triptych for the exhibition Im[EX]presiones_libertad_Piedra by i+d+art featured in Piedra ’06, the annual stone fair that takes place in the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid.