Richard Rogers Box Set

The first time I learned about architect Richard Rogers' work was in my first year of college. I did a presentation work about Centre Pompidou building in Paris by architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. I immediately got fascinated with the building and specially with the early seventies projects of those young architects.

There are various books collecting the works of Richard Rogers. I once borrowed from the school Library Richard Rogers+Architects a book published by Academy Editions in 1985. It was so used and deteriorated that I scan it to preserve it and try to restore it before bringing it back.

Another book I took home those days was Richard Rogers complete works volume 1 and volume 2. Both were thick hardcover books. Some years later a third volume was published and the three of them were collected as paperbacks in a fancy pink box. Now that this box is on sale in Amazon I just ordered it. 

Richard Rogers Complete Works - 3 Volume Set by Kenneth Powell

Phaidon Press Inc / 960 pages / English
Publishing date: 2008.03.05
ISBN-10: 0714848662
ISBN-13: 978-0714848662