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toco toco’s new season starts with Mangaka & Illustrator legend Hisashi Eguchi(江口寿史).  Our glimpse into Eguchi’s universe starts at Jimbocho, home of Shuheisha, one of Japan’s top publishing companies. We will follow Eguchi through the streets and places that made the memories of the start of his career, which now extends to almost forty years. 
One train ride later, we will head to Kichijoji, Eguchi’s long-time home and current place of work, where we will discover more about his works and find some hints behind his peculiar style. The night will take us to Sasanoha, a small authentic restaurant in the back alleys of Harmonica Yokocho, where Eguchi meets with fellow mangaka, illustrators and editors.
Jimbocho Area (神保町周辺)
Sasanoha (ささの葉)
Harmonica Yokocho (ハーモニカ横丁)
Kichijoji Area (吉祥寺周辺)
Eguchi’s Studio (江口さんのスタジオ)

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