Saturday, May 08, 2004

BOOK - first order to Amazon Japan

I've been desiring to order something to Amazon Japan for a long time, and now that the site seems to have a little support in english I decided to do so. My first ever order is conformed by three great books. Two by Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball and DrSlump. And One by Katsuhiro Otomo the mind and hands behind AKIRA, the manga and the movie.

The first One is Akira Toriyama The world. A 96pages soft cover book published in 1990 that compiles some of the authors illustrations done for DrSlump and Dragon Ball plus many rare things like a short story named Wolf and some of the models that Toriyama does is his free time and many more stuff.

The second one is Akira Toriyama The World Special. A beautiful hard cover book that even it seems to be, as you can guess for it's name, a special edition of the prior one, it's a pretty different book. This one is more focused on Dragon Ball and even many illustrations are repeated, it icludes a full color shrot story titled SCAPE, somo sequential images of Toriyama working on the cover illustration and many more things that definitely make the book worth the money. There are not so many Illustration books about Toriyama so both books are a must  if you appreciate this authors work.

And last but not least, published in 2002, one of the latest Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA related books that came out at the same time that the DVD almost 13 years after the movie hit the theaters in Japan. AKIRA Animation Archives is a look back to the creation of the classic movie including layouts, backgrounds  and designs of the film that will blow your mind. A masterpiece movie deserved a masterpiece book like this and finally, here it is.

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