Friday, May 20, 2005

You and Both - Intervention in Upper Lawn Pavilion

In this year's projects class in ETSAM, each of us had to choose an existing house from a list, draw it and analize it first and then made a proposal for an expansion. I chose architects Alison and Peter Smithson's Upper Lawn Pavilion. I discovered Allison and Peter's work in the travel we did last years to UK. It was such a great experience, we visited many of this couple works.
However, while researching to find information to draw the house properly I found their books and texts and is then when I have really started to understand their approach to architecture. Just a magnificent, clear minded, honest, human scale architects. Nothing to do with what we are used to see now a days in magazines.

I have started working with autoCAD in  my third year in school. It has been a headache at first but everything seems to go smooth right now. I will upload the DWG drawings of the house I did based on some drawings I found in school library when I find the proper way of sharing them.

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