Saturday, February 02, 2008

AKIRA DVD Special Edition

I just received a superb edition of AKIRA on DVD, the 1989 anime film directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and based on the manga published by Kodansha in Young Magazine written and drawn by Otomo. This japanese gorgeous edition box includes in its thick cardboard box, the film with english and japanese audio tracks and english subtitles, a second disc with plenty of bonus material and a 800 pages book with the complete storyboard of the film drawn by the director himself.

Here some videos I found on YouTube that are included in the second disc and explain the processes called Quick Action Recording, a technic used during production to check the animation. It's a four part video, check it out! ( It's not available anymore on YouTube, I have uploaded the first part here, the rest are available on the DVD)

Check out subtitles and translation. Even they are not as accurate as we all wish, it's nice to have them because the second disc doesn't include any subtitles at all. (No YouTube, no automatic subtitles)

This edition is out of stock but you can always check out the amazon marketplace

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