Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BOOK - Architecture and McDonalds

Today I ordered thee nice book to amazon, The first two are related to architecture and the third one, what the heck, is also an architecture book. Eames Hoese is the one building American that architects and designers Charles and Ray Eames did. It's their own house. This small book captures the planes and fotoghaps as well as the story behind the building. The other Book Le Corbusier: Moments in the Life of a Great Architect is a aweso compilation of photoghaps and text from LeCorbusiers most know buildings,Magnum photoghaper René Burri makes an amazing work showing us the hiden part of the architecture that never appears in now a days magazines. Deteriorated buildings used by the people. People living in the buildings. An the last book is Ray Crock's biography of how he met the McDonalds Brothers and founded, well, guess. McDonalds. A worldchanging company one of the first if not the first that started the globalization of the globe. I will have some days of nice reading when they arrive.

Eames House: Charles and Ray Eames (Architecture in Detail)
by James Steele 
Phaidon Press  / 60 pages /  English
ISBN-10: 0714842125
ISBN-13: 978-0714842127
Le Corbusier: Moments in the Life (German and English Edition)
by Arthur Rüegg (Editor), René Burri (Photographer)
Birkhäuser Architecture / 181 pages / German, English
Publishing date: 1995.06.27
ISBN-10: 3764359994
ISBN-13: 978-3764359997

by Ray Kroc
St. Martin's Paperbacks / 218 pages / English
Publishing date:1992.04.15
ISBN-10: 0312929870
ISBN-13: 978-0312929879

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