Friday, April 30, 2010

Regulero Stool

Adriana Lopez Biagi did this stool last year while studying in the IED. Today we have dusted off the stool and rethink it as a piece of furniture made of Silestone pieces and presented to this years Silestone competition organized by I+D+ART

Friday, April 23, 2010

STOY contest 2010

Rodrigo Delso and Javi Argota were developing some toys for the first Sustainable Toy competition in ETSAM Architecture School. The subject was a toy for children in emergency situation. A real prototype of the toy and a short video had to be delivered. So I join them to make the videos. We were three so we end up making three different proposals.

First entry: keys and letters.
Rodrigo made this board game made out of  old re-painted computer keyboards. The game is about making words with the letters you pick up from the sack. Letters get attached in the board so even the earth shakes letters remain in their place. Cool isn't it? here the video:

Second entry: Dodecahedron
Javi developed a puzze that children could build with a rope followings the chronology of their actions throughout the day. Sleeping, eating, playing etc. So cute. Take a look at it:

Third entry: Food is not for playing
The last idea was just to make an eatable toy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

MMOT in Actua UPM contest 2010

My brother Aaron started developing a device capable of making touch screens on the go. So I joined him in the process of developing the outside case and generating more ideas around. Ricardo Santonja told us we should present it to this years UPM Program for the creation of technology-based companies. So we did, we called the project MMOT and we were awarded with a Diploma. Aaron was not in Madrid to receive the award so I edited a photo  to include him.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Canon 550D

Canon has recently released the 550D known in the USA as Rebel T2i and in Japan as the EOS Kiss x4. It's improvements over the previous 500D, the first one in this afordable DSLR cameras that recorded video in fullHD are notorious. Next year I am going to Mexico so I have to start practicing. The camera costed 820€.

Check the prices on Amazon: US / ES / JP