SHORT | Le Déjeuner

Mexico | 2010 | 5 min | Color | 16:9 | French

Constance Aupetit | Giulia Manini | Juliette Charron
Photographed & edited by
Ioannes Busca
Music by
Jean Jacques Goldman ‘Je te donne’
Ⓒ1989 Sony Music Entertainment (France)
Shot in Mexico City, October 2010

An unexpected improvised performance by Constance, Giulia and Juliette. There is no better time to share with your friends than breakfast , especially when studying abroad.

Shot in Mexico City for the CAMPUS MOVIE FEST competition that took place on October 2010. There were some rules to follow but when editing, the intention was to maintain the veracity of the moment before anything else. This caused the film to be disqualified for making use of music protected by copyright.

Le Déjeuner is the short I have presented to the contest that Campus Movie Fest is organising in UNAM and other universities in Mexico City this days. Juliette, Constance and Giulia have been so generous of letting me record their private conversations while having breakfast in Alpina 11 where we all live  with other people from around the world, most of us interchange students. -Ioannnes

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MUSHISHI directed by Katsuhiro Otomo

Mushishi was released in a collectors box set on 2007, but it was so expensive that I didn't buy it. Today I found it at a bargain price in Amazon Marketplace. The box is awesome, designed with a beautiful paper and combining different textures and transparencies. It includes tho discs and two booklets with the script and many sketches by Otomo himself.

Mushishi DVD BOX

131 minutes / Color / Dolby / Widescreen
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Release Date: 2007/10/26
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