Monday, June 20, 2011


100X10 is a kind of a summer workshop we (Borja Gómez, María Luisa de Miguel, Rodrigo Delso, Javier Argota and myself) are organizing for this July so that young first year or so students in architecture school can learn stuff while having fun. ETSAM professors and architects Marta Maiz and Enrique Herrada have left us their place in a small rural village a hundred or so kilometers away from Madrid called Martin Muñoz de Aylon and while we were organizing activities for the ten days we plan to stay there, we came up with the idea that it would be great to invite different kinds of architects so that they can taught us their own abilities. Such talented people as Atxu Amann, Ignacio Borrego, Andrés Canovas, Sergio del Castillo, Eva Castiñeira, Enrique Herrada, Luis Diaz Mauriño, Victoria Fernández, Julián Fernández, Ramón Gámez, Paula García-Masedo, Martín Lejárraga, Marta Maíz, Fernando Morán, Gonzalo Pardo, Gema Parreño, Almudena Ribot, Marcelo Ruiz-Pardo, Luis Pancorbo, Javier Seguí, Joseba Sánchez, Álvaro Soto...among others are already joining us.

Stay tuned on the official website

Now everything we need is people ready to learn and have fun in this adventure we have imagined. Here the eight promotional videos we have done. It's all about abilities:

Starring in order of appearance: Dani Bas, Javier Alonso, Lucia Ordovás, Fabio Roberto Scorza, Roberto Garcia, Ricardo Santonja, Ildefonso Fernandez, Javier Seguí and Atxu Amann as Limoneti Visconti.

Thanks to all of them for being such imaginative and spontaneous.

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