Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fix your Window

We have been discussing about Cuba this days in architecture school. AA students from London who went there last month have come over to ETSAM. We have work together in Madrid for one week with the data they bring from their travel to Habana. Our team has concluded that what Cubans really need is to create a new operating system for themselves.

We have call the solution "fix your Window" and we have create a book called "the precious imprecise book". It's a compilation of tips and tools that all together and by upcoming updates created by the users, should become a tool that shows how to fix real windows of a house.

The project itself is a metaphor of how by knowledge and communication things can start to get fixed. We choose windows because of their architectonic condition as an element that communicates the inside with the outside and also because we realize many windows in Habana were old and damaged.

We believe that the only solution to fix problems, is to help people create their own systems to solve them and help improving them so that solutions are better and better everyday.

Here a nice video by Agnete that shows the book:

Stavros Papavassiliou
Ioannes Busca
Sofia Sclopis
Agnete Plauborg Lorentzen

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