Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The American Propaganda Machinery

After last year’s David Fincher's most expensive and longest commercial ever: The Social Network. A two hour long movie about a guy who goes to Silicon Valley with a project of some kind of a social website that ended up becoming the project of his life and turning him into billionaire at the age of twenty two. A $50 million movie, dense in dialogue about a triumphal nerd that even it's making of feature echoes; "How did they ever make a Facebook movie?". WHY? Probably there are many reasons, but one of the biggest, I suppose, is this one: Done in California, with money from California. The message is clear, if you have a good idea, just come to California. This is the place. The message was clear and the movie was great and entertaining. Good job.

This Christmas, get ready for the inverse move. I was thinking on it since the moment I knew Fincher was directing an adaptation of Stieg Larsson's Millennium best-seller trilogy. The films were adapted few years ago by a Swedish director. Then, why remaking them? I had some weird ideas in my head, but what you can read below confirms everything I was thinking on:

I'm considered as an expert in perversion but Larsson raised the bar very high with his trilogy
My movie's not pretty, it's brutal. And its violence totally makes sense in Sweden's immaculate landscape
Swedish society seems to be very tolerant and calm. But as soon as you dig beneath it, you find the dark side of the country. Dragon Tattoo succeeds in showing in what way fascism moved from the political sphere toward finance's.
- David Fincher

This is going to be probably the feel bad movie of the year that will make you hate Swedish socialism and society. I haven't seen the movie, of course. I desire to do so; Fincher is one of my all time favorite directors and one of the bests in his field. I guess the message once again is going to be straight to the head of the spectator: Sweden, a beautiful country; they have money and big companies around the world but what you didn't know and we are gonna tell you now is that they are fucking fascists. Again, a movie made in California, with money from California. Why the hell are they going to show Sweden as a paradise. America is a much better place, I guess.
And do you know what? I have been once in California just for ten days and I would love to go to back. I like the place, I like how they work and I like how they think and do things, from movies to hamburgers.
I guess The Propaganda works! People believes it and becomes a reality.
I have been in Sweden too; I like it so much, people is kind and everything is so organized and clean. Too cold for me maybe. I have a couple of good friends there. I hope to go back soon to visit them.

Anyway, this last David Fincher movie, only for how both trailers look, for sure it's going to be another gorgeous one.

P.S.: While I was writing this, a satire video from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, broadcasted on April 2009 came to my mind. Take a look a it. It's definitively hard to know what's the real thoughts of Americans about the socialist countries. All the same, the video is very funny. Here both parts.

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