Monday, April 30, 2012

Lego Cuusoo

Lego Cuusoo is the ultimate place on the net for every Lego inventor. You can upload your creations and people start supporting them. If you achieve 10.000 supporters the Lego Company will review your project and luckily release it as it was the case with Daisuke's Hayabusa. If finally happens that your project is selected, a Lego designer rethinks the model before it's commercial release and the 1% of the total revenues go to the original designer. Here a comparison of the Hayabusa model as created by Daisuke and the final Lego release.

There are awesome projects in lego cuusoo. One that has recently reached the 10.000 supporters and therefore Lego will revisit to decide if it can be released commercially is this great Back To The Future set  created by M.Togami that allows to create the three DeLorean Time machines from the BTTF trilogy.

Stay tuned to Lego Cuusoo there are new entries everyday. And take a deep look of what has already been published, don't miss creations such as this. The Star Wars sandcrawler:

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