Thursday, August 09, 2012

New Dragon Ball movie coming soon

Dragon Ball as envisioned by his author Akira Toriyama ended with the final chapter published in Weekly Shonen magazine back in 1995. Since then the series has keep on growing the way big franchises like Star Wars do. The animated series continued for a while (Dragon Ball GT) with new episodes. Some especial movies where released in anime fest and a bunch of video games too. After a while a new movie will be released on march 2012. Above the message by Toriyama himself. And here the trailer:

What's exciting about this new movie is what is the involvement in the script Akira Toriyama has had on it. After the so disappointing American version of Dragon Ball. It's nice to read some words of the original author promising us some good old times. 

Say tunned in the official website. And if you really are a DB fan check out Kanzenshuu and recent merge of Kanzentai and DaizenX two of the most complete Dragon Ball websites out there. I recently discovered this topic about animation directors involved in the original series aired in the 80's and the 90's.

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