Saturday, November 17, 2012

Behind the Scenes with Jim Henson

I always think to myself if nowadays that almost everything animated is created with a computer, the work of the people working in the industry is becoming more and more boring and tedious. Even the final results can be as good as before or in technical ways even better thanks to the advances in software and computers capabilities. It's always great to look back and see the guys from the past working and having fun  while they create works that will go beyond time, technology and culture. 
Those creations have so much love and passion in them that make them uncomparable to anything created for nowadays young audiences. Jim Henson's works definitively played in another league, a mayor league where children and adults could seat in front of a TV and enjoy the show together. Shows where little details, background concepts and multiple lectures merge in small TV art pieces that will remind with us forever. We have to remember that George Lucas and Star wars started that way too but along the years they have evolved in to the new technologies and the new ways of doing things digitaly, something that is natural I guess, and in the same way helps us realize  that there is still people around making the things the way they always did, and with this I don't mean in a traditional  old fashion way or moved by nostalgia of the old days, I mean in the most entertaining and funny way, laughing and having fun while working together. I experience for sure far more pleasant than seating in a cubicle in front of a screen, discussing what's fun and what's not with another technician.
I believe that we will never forget the way of doing things this way, I I hope  audiences will realize soner or later that there are ways and ways of doing things and that the quality of creations goes beyond the quality of the image, the visually stunning camera moves and whatever new fancy technology introductions, and resides on more terrestrial things. We are humans after all and even in the deep of our soul every one of us knows that there are ways to make things in the boring way and in the funny way, sometimes we seem to forget that  fact and then the result of whatever we do start to be of a lower human quality, more boring, less fun and more machine kind of quality, a kind of McDonald-ized quality. Jim Henson and the company and works he created are one of the best legacy of 20th century TV and cinema entertainment industry and for sure they will continue remembering us forever that work and life can be lived with joy.

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