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Now a days many of the films you bought on DVD and Blu-ray, came in such a horrible cases with huge holes with the shape of a recycle logo. Is good to know the plastic is recyclable but come on... those holes and the thin plastic and of course the complete lack of any booklet make you don't want to buy films on discs anymore.

Luckily there are still film studios that choose their packaging right and if that's not the case you can always buy some of the best AMARAY cases over the internet.

Amaray is Europe's largest DVD box manufacturer, shipping millions of items across the continent every week. It is a company with a history of innovation, continually meeting the needs of customers through an advanced approach to plastic technology.
Amazingly, the company that evolved into Amaray began life in 1880 manufacturing lead-based plumbing products. However, the advent of plastics in the sixties saw the first of many changes to the business.
And even a casual observer would conclude that the company has always been swift to bring innovative products to both existing and emerging markets. With the result that Amaray's products are so often regarded as 'the standard'. Back in 1982, for example, injection moulded polypropylene was rarely used to make video boxes in the UK.
Then, the Amaray keep case became the standard packaging medium for such cassettes. In 1995, Amaray's CD-Safe became the first interactive CD packaging - quickly adopted by Sony for its popular PlayStation range of computer games. Next came DVD-Safe, soon to become the definitive packaging for DVD-Video and CD-ROM. It's fair to say that, together with our quality licensed manufacturers in the USA, Poland, Brazil, China and Japan, we continually offer the global standard in any market in which we compete.
Our capabilities in plastic injection moulding has seen our history manufacture a range of plastic products across many markets.
Amaray is part of ASG Worldwide, the world's leading packaging specialist owned by Atlas Holdings.

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