Saturday, July 28, 2018

Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary

Today we have received in the mail this Weekly Shonen Jump issue dated January 29, 1986 in which Goku was about to enter Red Ribbon's Muscle Tower and it happens that the WSJ is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month. The first issue of WSJ was published on August 1, 1968. So this weeks issue both the Japanese and the USA digital editions come full of bonus materias such as a talk betwen manga authors Akira Toriyama and Takehiko Inoue. Toriyama has also contributed with a drawing of Goku and a note  congratulating the anniversary.

To celebrate the event, the publisher of the magazine, Shueisha has organized an exhibition divided in 3 volumes by periods of time. It started last summer and will last until this September. The exhibition was divided in this phases:

Shonen Jump Ten vol. 1: July 18, 2017  to October 15, 2017
Shonen Jump Ten vol. 2: March 19, 2018  to June 17, 2018
Shonen Jump Ten vol. 3: July 17, 2018  to September 30, 2018

A huge amount of merchandise was created for this events, featuring all the series that have been published in the WSJ all over the years. Aaron was in Japan last year when the exhibition opened, so he managed to buy some cool stuff. For those like me that haven't been able to travel to Japan to visit the exhibition, the catalogs, that luckily are written in Japanese and English, are great way to take a glimpse of what was exhibited and come packed with lengthy interviews with the manga authors.

Official Shonen Jump sites:
Shonen Jump Japan:
Shonen Jump USA:
Shonen Jump Ten Exhibition:
Shonen Jump Ten Exhibition News:

Most of the merchandise is available in the Jump Character Store:

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