COMIC | Sagarrak eta Melokotoiak (Apples and Peaches)

There was spare space in this years's Txantxiku Ikastola magazine issue so they asked me if I could draw another comic. This strip is supposed to come after the comic Kakalardokeriak I first draw.

The guy featured on it is Joxeina, our Math teacher and tutor this last two years. Joxeina is kind of a person that doesn't enjoy weird stuff and he cares a little bit about us for being a little disoriented. This year for example, we choose to watch Fight Club at schools Ethic class, I clearly remember Joxeina with his saddest face telling us: "This film has no head no feet" (pelikula honek ez dik ez buru ez hanka) maybe the reason for that was that this class was a  fifty minutes period just once a week and we had to discuss many things before starting to watch the movie, so we ended up watching it in five parts, and took us over a month.

This strip is a collection of classics phrases like the one I just mentioned, that he usually said to us during his classes. He is such a funny guy. I hope the strip is enjoyable even without knowing him but maybe not. I had a great laughs while drawing it.