DESIGN | Architecture and Urbanism in China

We are proud to present another AAGRAFA release. Five DVD discs covering the lectures focused on Spanish architects working in China that took place in Madrid Architecture School last September. Available now in ETSAM Library.

Arquitectura y Urbanismo en China

DISC1>>New Architecture of Young Generation in China  Prof. Zhi Wenjun
September 19, 2005 / Deposit number [V-565]

DISC2>>La Nueva ciudad de Bautou  Antonio Ruiz Barbarin
September 20, 2005 / Deposit number [V-566]

DISC3>>Nuestro trabajo en China  Juan Carlos Sancho y Sol Madrilejos
September 21, 2005 / Deposit number [V-567]

DISC4>>Proyectos Urbanos en China  Eduardo Leira
September 22, 2005 / Deposit number [V-568]

DISC5>>Torre Bionica y Ciudad España en Shangai Javier gomez Pioz y Rosa Cervera
September 23, 2005 / Deposit number [V-569]