DESIGN | Projective Geometry in Art

This November a series of lectures about projective geometry in art took place in our Madrid Architecture School, AAGRAFA was there to record them. We present the 3 DVDs and a fourth one with some video of the exposition that took place in the new building during this month. Available in ETSAM library.

1 | Geometria Proyectiva: El camino empieza en la perspectiva

Dr Gregorio Hernandez
2011-XI-06 / 90 min. / Deposit number [V-804]

2 | Ikognosia

Dr Enrique Rabasa
2011-XI-12 / 58 min. / Deposit number [V-805]

3 | Geometria Proyectiva y reconstrucción tridimensional de imagenes

Dr Antonio Valdés
2011-XI-15 / 69 min. / Deposit number [V-806]

4 | Geometria Proyectiva en el arte: de Brunelleschi a Fisac

2011-XI / 12 min. / Deposit number [V-806]