DESIGN | Introducing Chestnut Edition

Today we are introducing CHESTNUT EDITION, a label that marks all those DVDs created in AAGRAFA, that we are no so proud of, but we can't do anything to fix them.

Our tasks in AAGRAFA-VIDEO Department are to record conferences and classes and to deliver them on DVD so that students and professors have access to them in the ETSAM Library. We always try to do our best, starting from capturing the best image possible using multiple cameras and having two different audio tracks per camera, so that we have the best material to produce a high quality DVD, burned at a speed never higher than 4X*. There are times however, were things just go wrong and even if  we try to fix them up in post-production, sometimes the final product just leaves much to be desired.

The person that takes this DVD home is our biggest worry in AAGRAFA. And thinking on how disappointing for someone would be to take home the latest conference by Toyo Ito, insert it on the DVD player, laying on the couch and just when you are ready to enjoy it... getting realized that the video is only available in Japanese, and it's not even subtitled.

We thought that something should be done to warn the viewer before this happens. That's why we created the label CHESTNUT EDITION, to insert it on the front covers of this kind of DVDs. We hope not to have many of them, but whenever needed, that's the label that will tell the potential viewer that something went wrong and that the product he or she is  about to take home, doesn't meet the high quality standards that AAGRAFA is known for. In these rare occasions we can only say one thing: "We are sorry, enjoy this Chestnut Edition as much as you can"

AAGRAFA "pixel matters"

*IldeTest have shown that burning at low speeds produces a disc with 0,00001% less bugs that the overall high speed recordings.