NEWS | Introducing AA&NN's ChronoBLOG

We are a little bit obsessed with having all kind of media organized and classified in AA&NN. The videos, books and the articles we consume everyday are a great source for inspiration and motivation in our projects, and for a long time we have been building a personal archive of everything we find interesting, in our personal hard drives. 

Today we have decided to start blogging this kind of stuff instead of keeping it just for ourselves. At the same time, we thought it would be great to start building in parallel, a chronology of events that took place in our lives as well as projects we are working on. This way we would have a a broader view of where we come from and where we are going. In short; we will be blogging both, current and past date events adn new and old projects and events.

We want this ChronoBLOG to be our ultimate archive where we would like to have everything we like, accesible from anywhere, in an easy and a convenient way and shared it with everyone. Our hope is that many people can find inspiration with the stuff collected in here.

About the logo

This first logo we did for ChronoBLOG was made using typographies from different brands, the first A is from NASA, then comes the A from AUDI, then another A this time from AKIRA. Then comes an N from NOKIA a D from iPod and then come two Ns, the first one from NINTENDO and the second one from SONY.