IDEO The Deep Dive

Yesterday Chris and Walter from HORI showed us this video about one of the most influential product design companies in the world. IDEO, based on Palo Alto, California they have done product design for Apple to Nike among many others. ABC Nightline ask them to redesign a shopping cart just in five days, I specialy enjoyed the amazing process and the mind blowing results.

"You have to have some wild ideas, then you build on those wild ideas and they end up being better ideas. If eveybody came up with sane things, kind of apropiate things, you never have any points to take off, to build a really innovative idea"
-David Kelley 

It remind me a lot of what we did in Murcia with Moritz Waldemayer and Yvonne Laurysen three years ago. Organized by Andres Perea, Jose Luis Vallejo, Paula Montoya and Izaskun Chinchilla. A weekend just creating stuff from scratch. Awesome experience. Here the link to that post.