Saturday, January 21, 2012


Star Wars fans Casey Pugh and Jamie Wilkinson have been working on this special version of Episode IV for a while. They have cut the original Star Wars film in 15 second clips and asked the fans to re-make the sequences. Then they have re-joined all together and voila! here the result. To know more visit their site

This week, George Lucas said that he is done with blockbusters. Considering that 2012 marks the 35th anniversary of the original Star Wars, during all those 35 years, Star Wars has become the biggest film franchise ever made and a worldwide known cultural phenomenon that still today, captures the imagination of young audiences and continues alive in the heart of not so young ones. Maybe because of some fans criticism that accompanied the prequels that were directed by Lucas himself from 1999 to 2005 and the hate that some have shown for the constant tweaks that he has been adding to the original trilogy throughout  the different releases in home video formats, Lucas seems to have enough and decided to set aside from commercial cinema and focus on arthouse cinema works.

Whatever he does will be welcome but what I really wonder now is, if in 35 years from Ep. I, that will be year 2034, children that have grown up with the new trilogy will be doing what those guys are doing with Ep. IV. Or, however, all this awesome "force" stuff will be forgotten among all the media noise in which we are living these days. It will be just the pass of time that will show if Lucas has influenced the new generations as much as he did to the ones that lived the Star Wars fury on the eighties. For my part I must say that I started to get interested on Star Wars thanks to the release of Episode I, back in 1999. That is with the prequel trilogy. I was 15 then and it was an inflection point. The new film, the old trilogy that a friend left me on VHS together with all the making off featurettes and printed information I got, awoke on me the interest in cinema that still lives in me today. So I can only thank all those guys that work everyday doing this kind of stuff. I like the old ones, the new ones, the revisions, the tweaks and whatever those guys do. Keep on the good work. Well, I like them all. But I must say that some I like them more than others. Keep on the risky work!