Lego Cuusoo

Lego Cuusoo is the ultimate place on the internet for any Lego inventor. You can upload your creations and get supporters. If you achieve 10.000 supporters, the Lego company will review your project and if everything goes well, transform it to an official Lego product. This was the case of Daisuke's Hayabusa project. If the project is approved, a Lego designer is assigned to the idea and after redesigning it, the model its commercialized, with the 1% of the total revenues going to the original designer. Above a comparison of the Hayabusa model as created by Daisuke and the final Lego release.

Over the years  awesome projects have been selected in Lego Cuusoo. One of those projects which  has recently reached the 10.000 supporters and therefore will be review it by Lego, is this  Back To The Future Delorean set  created by M.Togami that offers the three variations of the car as seen in the Back To the Future Trilogy.

Stay tuned to Lego Cuusoo there are new entries everyday. Creator from all over the world are submitting amazing projects like this one: The Star Wars Sand-crawler: