Some numbers

I like making databases of the stuff I have. It's a long time I started to collect DVD media and even every time I can, I buy real DVD's sometimes I just download them to the HDD and  then record them to DVD-R media or just leave them there in the HDD. Today I have been updating this database which contains as of today a total number of 915 disc. 138 are located in a 1TB HDD that's almost full already and the rest are on physical optical discs. After some time I have realize that I would really like to have them all on HDDs. They occupy less space and the content is more accessible and portable. The thing is that taking as reference the size of the 138 discs that are on the HDD, I would need 6,6 TB to keep ALL MY DVD MEDIA. Today that is not a big problem, there are already 3TB HDD's for just 150€. The problem is that taking the 777 physical discs to a HDD at an average rate of 25min per disc, and ripping 5 hours a day, it would take 64 days. That's  two months. Next to nothing.