Proto Anime Cut

Yesterday, I went to the PROTO ANIME CUT exhibition at La Casa Encendida in Madrid. The exhibition is focused on such talented Japanese animation artist as Hideaki Anno, Haruhiko Higami, Koji Morimoto, Hiromasa Ogura, Mamoru Oshii y Takashi Watabe. From precise background works to layouts and preliminary sketches, hundreds of drawings are shown, many for the very first time in their original form. It's specially pleasant to see the original piece of paper used to create a scene you have seen many times. Some of the drawings collected in Koji Morimoto's Orange artbook that used in the music video EXTRA with music by Ken Ishii can be seen in this exhibition.

A great catalog has been published in Spanish and English as the exhibition took place first in Berlin some months ago, the same catalog is also available in German and English on Amazon

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Stefan Riekeles (Redactor) 
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German and English edition available on Amazon:
US / ES / JP

Spanish and English edition available on Amazon:
US / ES / JP

The image a the top is a GIF I created showing a concept drawing by Takashi Watabe from the exhibition, that transition to the final image that is shown in the  film. It's really fascinating to see how much of the actual work that goes in making animation,  that is not seen, but certainly it's necesary to create the final image. Sometimes this handmade sketches are even more impresive that the final work, as this image clearly demonstrates.