New Dragon Ball movie coming soon

Akira Toriyama himself has written a message to introduce the latest Dragon Ball animated movie that will be released in march 2012. What's exciting about this new movie is the involvement in the script by the original author of Dragon Ball. It seems that after the disappointing Hollywood live action version of Dragon Ball, he decided it was about time to return to his characters and present them the way they were meant to be seen. It's soo nice to read some words of the original author promising us some good old times.

Dragon Ball as envisioned by his author ended with the final chapter published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine back in 1995. Since then, the series has keep on growing as successful franchises do. Shortly after its conclusion, the animated series continued for a while with the adventures narrated in Dragon Ball GT and video games have continue to hit the modern video game consoles for al this years too, buut it was a long time we didn't have a brand new Dragon Ball movie.

Say tunned in the official website. If you really want to dive deep into Dragon Ball, check out Kanzenshuu a website born from the recent merge of Kanzentai and DaizenX two of the most complete Dragon Ball english sources out there. I recently discovered this topic about animation directors involved in the original series aired in the 80's and the 90's. Fantastic.