ISAO TAKAHATA dies at 82

Animation director Isaho Takahata (高畑 勲) has passed away today at the age 82. Takahata co-founded Studio Ghibli together with Hayao Miyazaki (宮崎 駿) in 1985. Here a filmography the works he directed linked to the various related DVD, Bluray and books available in Amazon Japan.

2012 | The Tale of Princess Kaguya (かぐや姫の物語)
2009 | My Neighbors the Yamadas (ホーホケキョとなりの山田くん)
1994 | Pom Poko (平成狸合戦ぽんぽこ)
1991 | Only Yesterday (おもひでぽろぽろ)
1988 | Grave of the Fireflies (火垂るの墓)
1987 | The Story of Yanagawa's Canals (柳川掘割物語)
1982 | Gauche the Cellist (セロ弾きのゴーシュ)
1981 | Jarinko Chie (じゃりン子チエ)
1973 | Panda! Go, Panda! The Rainy-Day Circus (パンダ・コパンダ 雨降りサーカスの巻)
1972 | Panda! Go, Panda! (パンダ・コパンダ)
1968 | Horus: Prince of the Sun (太陽の王子 ホルスの大冒険)

Before Founding Ghibli Takahata worked for TOEI animation where he started to collaborate with Hayao Miyazaki. He directed anime series such as Heidi, Girl of the Alps and 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother among many other.