HIROMI Spectrum

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Hiromi - Spectrum (Live) Hiromi's new solo piano album ,“Spectrum”, will be released worldwide on October 4th, 2019 (Japan on September 18th).

Pre-order "Spectrum": https://found.ee/HiromiSpectrum

Spectrum celebrates the maturity and depth that have enriched Hiromi’s composing and playing over the course of her 30s, years in which she’s crisscrossed the globe thrilling audiences and embarked on collaborations with some of jazz’s most inventive artists, including Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Michel Camilo, Anthony Jackson, Simon Phillips, Steve Smith, Akiko Yano and Edmar Castañeda.

"My first piano teacher always taught me to see colors through music. When she wanted me to play something expressive or fiery, she colored the score paper with red pencil; when she wanted me to play something melancholic or sad, she would color my score with blue pencil. I thought it was fascinating because the piano itself is mostly black and white – the keys, the finish – but it can create so many colors." - Hiromi