Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Morgan is a project I did for this years Projects class. The theme this year was "less is more" and each of us had to do something with some used materials. The results were awesome. I will post some photos of the presentation one of this days. People created so great things.

I named my prototype, Morgan. And it consists in a PVC canvas folded as a cube so that children can use it as a tent. The material is recycled, the one used for those big commercials that hang on the buildings.

I did two protopypes the first one with a canvas of 2,5 X 2,5 meters and the second one with a canvas of 3,5 X 3,5 meters. This last one end up being a bigger cube and I reinforce it with some fiberglass rods bought on a kite shop.

Here a video of how I did the second Morgan- The canvas was bigger that the room so I had some complications. This is a time lapse resume of  one hour fighting with the PVC. I used a traditional stapler commonly used to staple paper and an classic origami folding system so that I didn't have to cut material. From a 2 dimnsional square to a habitable 3 dimensional cube. Voila!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

DVD - Architecture and Urbanism in China

We proudly present another release by AAGRAFA team. Architecture and Urbanism in China, five DVD discs covering the conferences focused on spanish architects working in China  that took place in ETSAM architecture school last September.

Arquitectura y Urbanismo en China

DISC1>>New Architecture of Young Generation in China  Prof. Zhi Wenjun,
september 19, 2005 / Catalogue number [V-565]

DISC2>>La Nueva ciudad de Bautou  Antonio Ruiz Barbarin
september 20, 2005 / Catalogue number [V-566]

DISC3>>Nuestro trabajo en China  Juan Carlos Sancho y Sol Madrilejos
september 21, 2005 / Catalogue number [V-567]

DISC4>>Proyectos Urbanos en China  Eduardo Leira
september 22, 2005 / Catalogue number [V-568]

DISC5>>Torre Bionica y Ciudad España en Shangai Javier gomez Pioz y Rosa Cervera
september 23, 2005 / Catalogue number [V-569]

Available now in ETSAM Library

Saturday, October 08, 2005

WALLACE & GROMIT by aardman

I went to cinema to see the last work of aardman Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit directed by Steve Box and Nick Park.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Drawing - James Stirling

We have been analizing some Architect James Stirling Buildings this days.