Thursday, March 30, 2006

DVD - IAU+S 2006

Today we have released IAU+S 2006 an Architecture, Urbanism and Sustainability convention that took place in our school for three days last February. The collection consists on  6 DVDs divided in three packs featurering each pack a whole day of conferences and lectures. Enjoy this brand new AAGRAFA release available now in ETSAM library.

DISCS 1 + 2
February 27, 2006
Deposit number [V-785]

Presentación / inauguración
Javier Uceda Rector UPM.
Juan Miguel Hernandéz de León Director ETSAM.
Jose Manuel Naredo Dr. en Economía, España.
Saskia Sassen Profesora de Sociología U. de Chicago, EEUU.
Lara Almarcegui Lic. Bellas Artes Psg Atelier 63 Rótterdam, Holanda.
Ekhart Hahn Arquitecto Urbanista, Berlín, Alemania.
Mesa redonda 1
Luis Jimenez Herrero Director Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad de España.

DISCS 3 + 4
February 28, 2006
140+132 min.
Deposit number [V-786]

Ed Van Hinte Profesor de estructuras U. de Delf, Holanda.
Santiago Cirugeda Arquitecto y Activista Cultural. Sevilla, España.
Fernando Casás Dr Bellas Artes, escultor, profesor U. de Vigo, España.
Jose Manuel Moreno Dr. Biología, catedrático Ecología U. de Castilla la Mancha, España.
Mesa redonda 2
Luis Andrés Orive Director C. Estudios Ambientales Vitoria-Gasteiz, España.

DISCS 5 +6
Wednesday March 1, 2006
164+108 min.
Deposit number [V-787]

Antonio Estevan Ing Industrial,  España. Planificación territorial y ambiental
Anne Whiston Spirn West Philadelphia Landscape Project, Profesora MIT, EEUU.
Phillipe Rahm Arquitecto, profesor ECAL Lausanne, Suiza
Susannah Hagan Arquitecta U. East London, Reino Unido.
Mesa redonda 3
Ramón Fernandez Durán Ingeniero de Caminos y Urbanista Madrid, España.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Luz Tecleada

Gonzalo Pardo, a friend of mine, asked me to make a video using a Nokia T70 cellular for his main page in fresh forward,  a site about young architects in Madrid.  Gonzalo is this kind of incredible guy that is always making competitions and winning them, such an efficient architecture passionate hard worker, so I decided to make a tribute to the classic phrase that some architect once said: "architecture is the play of light and shadow" and literally I played with the light bulb. The keying of course  refers to the now a days inseparable relation of architects with the computer keyboard.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

DVD - IAU+S starts

On february 2006 IAU+S convention took place in our School. AAGRAFA proudly presents the first two DVDs. Available now on ETSAM library. Here their content:

Rueda de prensa presentación IAU+S
60 min.
Deposit number [V-795]

Conferencia Josep García Cors
48 min.
Deposit number [V-796]

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Concept House sketches

Here two sketches of a Housing systems I am developing in projects class this year.